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Crown Accelerate curates investment opportunities that produce asymmetric returns. We work closely with the best breed of financial institutions to bring the best opportunities to wholesale and eligible investors.

Beat Inflation With CFS Term Deposits

CFS Debt Fund L.P. is issuing debenture and fixed term deposit offerings to support its secured lending operation. Crown Financial Services Limited (CFS) is a New Zealand Financial Service Provider. CFS provides a diverse portfolio of financial services including curating yield instruments that provide asymmetric returns to investors.
CFS issues these debentures & term deposits to support the continued expansion of their secured lending operations.
2 Year Term Deposit
8.00% return p/annum
3 Year Term Deposit
9% return p/annum

Investment Opportunities

Fixed Term Interest Term Deposit Offerings

Crown Financial Services LTD. (CFS) has an investment fund (CFS Debt Fund L.P.) to allow clients to invest with us in our commercial lending operations.

Over the past 5 years, our clients have consistently received above market returns.

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High-Yield Debt Fund

The CFS High Yield Debt Fund invests in short-term loans to businesses.

The Fund’s investment objective is to achieve absolute returns with low volatility while focusing on capital preservation

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CFS Accelerate is able to offer exclusive equity offerings in Kiwi businesses and international operations

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